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Amazon Wishlist


This is my Amazon wishlist  I made for parodies. Everything I create is all out of my pocket. So whatever money I make from this site I use to travel and create more films.

With saying that sometimes the parody process takes longer because I can't afford to get every prop needed to film my parodies immediately. I take a lot of pride in my work so I want to make sure it looks legit as possible to give you guys the best experience an amateur website can give. Here are some of my wishlists ideas I have created for future films I would like to create them for 2018. Every person who purchases an item from my wishlist I will add you to the thank you credits at the end of the films. If I ever win an award for It ill be sure to shout you all out as well. (please be sure to email me your name the order number you received for the purchased item) *Production will not start for the film until all the item are collected from the wishlist.  #NoHalfStepping   If you want to support without using Amazon. Please donate through cash app.


Black Panther  0 out of 7

Amazon Alexa Parody 0 out of 2

Cat In Hat Parody  0 out of 8

Beetle Juice Parody 0 out of 12

Barbie Parody 0 out of 5


(Items purchased from from these list can be filmed after purchase)


Cops/Swat Parody

Funny Movies

Poke'mon Go

Willy Wonka

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